Promise Today. Create Tomorrow.

We believe that being able to say
“I am here. I have value. I belong.”
is the right that every person deserves.

Aspire is leading the way with you by our side. The promise Aspire forged still compels us to fight for equity and possibility. It is your generous spirit that has made the difference over these many years.

We invite you to secure the future of people with disabilities by becoming a partner in The Promise Fund with a planned gift.

Your gift will assure tomorrow and the sustainability of the work we have done together.

Structured to meet your personal and financial goals, a planned gift can transform lives and communities. It can also offer you and your family tax benefits, provide income, and ensure flexibility should your life circumstances change.


Make a long-term investment that creates communities where people of all abilities belong.

Keith thrives in the community!


Amplify the voices of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and shout their value to society.

After turning adversity into success, James tells his powerful story to a crowd of 500 people.


Possibly keep yourself in a lower tax bracket and hold on to more of your hard-earned savings.

Michael learns the importance of saving for the future.

    Promise Today

    Which of the following statements apply to you?

    I would like to speak with an Aspire representative about my options.

    4 Ways to Give

    Will Icon

    A Bequest Through Your Will

    You can designate Aspire in your will with a specific amount or a percentage of your estate and sustain your commitment to equity.

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    Gift Icon

    A Beneficiary Gift

    Retirement plans, insurance policies and charitable gift annuities will ensure people of all abilities belong in our communities.

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    A Life Estate Gift

    Such non-cash gifts as real estate can ensure the use of the property in your lifetime and advance Aspire’s mission of belonging.

    Retirement Gift Icon

    A Retirement Plan Gift

    You can make an annual, tax-free transfer to Aspire of up to $100,000 if you are 72 years old or older through your IRA account and see your investment in inclusive communities at work.

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    Ways To Give: Informational Brochures

    Success Stories

    James’ Story
    James has been through a lot in his life, but he shows what effects a positive outlook on life can have! He has never let his disability stop him from achieving his goals and living his best life.
    Marcus’ Story
    Marcus is a vibrant young man who loves his job at Aspire CoffeeWorks, one of Aspire’s social enterprises, and does not let Down syndrome define him.

      Promise Today

      Which of the following statements apply to you?

      I would like to speak with an Aspire representative about my options.

      Aspire has established strategic partnerships with the National Gift Annuity Foundation and the Charitable Giving Resource Center to provide you with the unique expertise you may need to create the best estate gift options that align your personal and philanthropic goals. To learn more, please contact Michelle Sherbun, Philanthropy Advisor, at