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Become an Aspire monthly donor by joining The Seed Fund.

When you make a monthly gift and join The Seed Fund, you become a partner in the day-to-day growth of the remarkable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at Aspire. Joining this community of committed donors means you stand with Aspire’s promise that everyone, regardless of ability, can live their personal hopes and dreams. It means amplifying their voices so they are heard. They are seen. They are valued. And they belong.

With your monthly gift, you join with people who live and work in your communities. You connect with people who believe in ability and possibilities. You partner with people who value socially-inspired art and savor the taste of coffee crafted with purpose. You build a more inclusive world. And the power of your monthly gift sustains lasting change.

Give to The Seed Fund today and make an impact every day of the month!

Why Your Monthly Gift Matters

Life-Changing Investment

Your monthly donation drives everyday investment in innovations that change lives and ensure people of all abilities belong in the life of our communities.

Miguel’s art inspires employees and the customers in a Chicagoland banking community.

Far-Reaching Impact

We believe a sense of purpose is essential to live your best life. Your generosity supports the right of people of all abilities to achieve the aspirations they have chosen for themselves.

Marcus crafts coffee and partners with over 15,000 coffee drinkers every day.

Sustain Programming

You contribute to a steady and monthly budget that allows Aspire to effectively plan sustainable programming. Alicia has the support she needs to live on her own because your gift can be counted on from month to month.

Alicia relishes her independence.