Inclusion Consulting and Educational Supports

Aspire Kids champions the pioneering approaches of the Belle Center, a national leader in promoting inclusive practices, and is committed to the development of competent, knowledgeable and embracing communities.

Inclusion, for children with disabilities, means having the same opportunities to participate in community-based activities as their typically-developing peers.

To encourage and develop competent, knowledgeable and embracing schools and communities, we offer Inclusion Consulting and Comprehensive Educational Supports. Aspire Kids’ Inclusion Consulting includes assessments, education and training for schools, religious institutions, day care centers, summer camps and neighborhood recreational centers. Comprehensive Educational Supports include services for the student, teachers and parents in an effort to create a strong and effective partnership that meets the needs of the student and builds classroom success.

Join us as we not only promote a model of inclusion, but also actively pursue it.

Inclusion Consulting

We provide bold solutions, innovative strategies and thoughtful expertise that can be scaled for all types and sizes of schools and community and recreational organizations to enable everyone to be prepared to embrace and support children with disabilities alongside those without. Our array of customized consultative options includes comprehensive accessibility assessments, professional development inclusion seminars and inclusion support training.

Put our expertise to work and let us help you build capacity to support children with disabilities in all areas of their life.

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Comprehensive Educational Supports

Aspire Kids promotes inclusive learning by providing resources and support to students, families and teachers. We work with students to build the necessary academic, social, communication and behavioral skills for classroom success, partner with teachers in developing tools to meet students’ unique learning needs, and enable parents to be active partners in their child’s educational experience. Supports may include one-on-one skill-building sessions with your child, direct classroom support for your child and their teacher, educational support groups, and family advocacy, among others. By getting everyone involved and working together, we are able to celebrate many successes.