Life On My Own Preparation

Living independently is a big step and an important milestone. To make it a comfortable and natural transition, we start with a safe, staff-supported five-bedroom community home. Here, participants learn and practice the skills they’ll need to confidently and successfully live on their own.

The house is spacious and can accommodate up to five people, with everyone having their own bedroom. There are three upstairs bedrooms, two garden bedrooms and two baths. Common areas include an eat-in kitchen, a family room for relaxing and socializing, a rec room for games and hobbies, and a well-landscaped, comfortable backyard. The house is close to transportation and offers easy access to the surrounding community. Plus, a vehicle and driver is available so residents can be driven to work, a friend or relative’s home, shopping, appointments and so on.

making-bedAn Aspire Instructor is in the home during the day to provide the proper level of instruction and guidance to each participant, and to encourage participants to move through the areas of independent living preparation at their own pace and comfort level. An Aspire Life Consultant meets with every participant weekly to review progress, follow-up on goals and develop next steps. There are also monthly reviews with a multidisciplinary team to identify challenges or set advanced goals in an effort to assist the individual in achieving their goals more quickly.

On My Own Preparation can run anywhere from six months to two years; there is no set time for completion. Instead, the goal is for an adult to live on their own when they can safely and happily do so. When an adult is nearing graduation from the program, the Aspire staff helps them find and get settled into their own place in the community of their choice.

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