Life On My Own Support

On My Own Support is ideal for the adult who has graduated from On My Own Preparation or for someone who is already living on their own.

With many different types of services and opportunities to work with Aspire Support Instructors and Life Consultants, individuals can create the kind of support system that suits their needs for continued independence and self-reliance.

Support Instructors and Consultants help participants build on the independent skills they already have or develop new ones. Everything from budgeting and grocery shopping to housekeeping and personal relationships can be addressed. Support is also very dynamic. As a person ages or experiences lifestyle changes, the program changes and adapts to keep up with their needs and expectations. The type of support and amount of support is always personalized; it can range from one hour a week to fifteen hours. Whatever is needed can be accommodated.

On My Own Support also provides opportunities for social interaction and educational get-togethers. Aspire’s staff will lead some of these activities, chaperon some and sometimes just make sure that participants are aware of them. The activities, while often fun, entertaining or educational, are also designed to teach people to reach beyond their comfort zone and rely on themselves.

If you, or someone you know is interested in taking the first step to living on their own, contact Aspire today to get all the information.

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