All Are Welcome

All Are Welcome: Meeting the Inclusion Challenge in Catholic Schools

We’ve partnered with Loyola University’s Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education and Big Shoulders Fund for a multi-year initiative focused on helping more than 30 Catholic schools in the Chicagoland area embrace kids with disabilities.

“All Are Welcome” is an initiative designed to systematically educate and support Catholic school principals in becoming innovative and creative in ways to meet the needs of all children in the classroom.

Together we will provide education, professional development and support to principals, leaders and educators to promote change in the classroom and ensure that “all are welcome” in our schools and communities.

This groundbreaking program has the potential to impact 10,000 students, families and educators and will reinforce our belief that “together, we’re better”!

Read about Patrice Tuohy’s journey to get her daughter Hannah, who has Down syndrome, an inclusive Catholic education.

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