Emerson was born with a rare chromosomal disorder resulting in an intellectual disability and ongoing heath problems. “Throughout our journey we’ve been fortunate enough to have Aspire as our support and shoulder to cry on (literally),” says mother Candi.

“When some of our days and numerous doctor appointments began to overwhelm us, a counselor from Aspire came to our home and helped us sort out the day-to-day struggles on a weekly basis. Every therapist we have encountered at Aspire has gone above and beyond the call of duty to offer services and recommend tools that help us and our son. It is one place that warms my heart and helps me remember how important it is to have people who truly care in our lives.”

Emerson’s story shows why Aspire Kids is a leading provider of specialized services for children. We partner with families with a wrap-around approach that supports the entire family, building a foundation for the future.

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