Transforming Inclusion Training with weINCLUDE: Aspire’s Brand New Web Course

Launching on June 4th is one of the boldest, most transformative initiatives ever undertaken by Aspire Kids. It’s weINCLUDE, the first online training course aimed at helping schools, museums, childcare centers, after school programs, hospitals and other community organizations nationwide become more inclusive of kids with disabilities and their families.

Ideal for leaders who are passionate about inclusion but not sure where to start, weINCLUDE guides participants through the foundational considerations involved. Those who participate will gain leadership skills, learn strategies for engaging their team, acquire tools for monitoring their progress and receive practical guidance in setting inclusivity goals for the future. What’s more, since the course is web-based, it allows participants to learn at their own pace.

The course draws on the knowledge and expertise that Aspire Kids has gained from decades of working with children with disabilities and their families, as well as from helping Chicago Catholic school principals adopt more inclusive practices through the All Are Welcome initiative.

weINCLUDE goes beyond these efforts by making inclusion training available to a wider range of organizations in literally any location,” said Clare Killy, Manager of Inclusive Solutions at Aspire. The new course also helps meet the growing desire for training and consultation to help the leaders of schools, childcare centers and community groups increase their inclusion capacity, according to a community needs survey conducted by Aspire last Spring.

“We know a truly inclusive practice requires a climate that supports it,” said Clare. “weINCLUDE aims to help leaders address that critical piece from the very beginning.”

In addition to helping organizations become more inclusive, the new course can help increase awareness of Aspire and our commitment to inclusion. “weINCLUDE is the perfect name,” said Clare. “It ties in well with our Together We’re Better tagline and reinforces our vision to create a community where people of all abilities can live, learn and grow together.”

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