Meeting Employer Needs

Workplace success lies in understanding and meeting employee needs, as well as employer needs.

To create successes, we’ve developed industry-leading approaches that result in productive and mutually beneficial relationships. For the employee, we identify their interests, specific capacities and work environment needs. For employers, we identify skill requirements and what is valued most in an employee. Finding a match, or creating a match, is a collaborative effort between Aspire Partners and Aspire Careers.

Our Aspire Careers Enterprise works to provide qualified candidates for employment, first with general planning and job readiness, and then with actual hands-on job training via Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Career Academy. Weinberg Career Academy is an innovative program in which potential employees receive extensive and intensive training that includes a job-specific curriculum to ensure qualifications for employment can be met.

Employing people with disabilities is not without its challenges and therefore training and/or consultation is also offered to company employees. The training is not designed to foster expertise in working with those with disabilities, but to build confidence and competence to be able to acknowledge challenges and work with the employee to find solutions.

As in any and every work environment, when employers and employees work together toward a common goal, the result is always positive and mutually beneficial.

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