Community Homes

There’s so much to gain from creating a home together.

Independence in the making.

After completing school, Jim was ready to experience more. Partnering with Aspire, he found independence, friendship, and more in one of our Community Homes.

Living on your own or with friends can be an intensely rewarding experience. It’s a chance to take on more responsibility. A chance to make meaningful connections. A chance to do things for yourself. Our Community Homes help adults with disabilities, like autism or cerebral palsy, foster personal growth and share in these types of experiences with others.

Dotted throughout Chicago’s northern and western suburbs, Aspire Community Homes provide long-term accommodations for three to eight people. Everyone works together to run the household while trained support professionals lend a caring hand.

Aspire works closely with people to choose a home that’s right for them. We think about size, layout, and interests. Our team also considers things like personal goals and different experiences. These may be how much someone values having meals in a family-like environment or being part of the surrounding community.

Welcoming Roommates

Aspire Community Homes use a family-style concept with anywhere from three to eight people in a home.

Comfortable Living

Homes include a large shared living space and private bedrooms for most people.

Shared Experiences

Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and running errands. Roommates do it all together.

Personal Growth

People work alongside the Aspire team to gain self-confidence, learn from new experiences, and lead fuller lives.

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We love welcoming new friends into our programs! Please fill out this form and an Aspire ambassador will connect with you and answer any questions you might have.

You can also call us at (320) 4-Aspire or (320) 427-7473.

Take a look at some of our beautiful community homes.

An experience worth sharing.

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