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A big part of inclusivity is empowering people with disabilities to explore interests that enrich their everyday lives. Aspire’s Life Enrichment in-person academies offer opportunities to learn computer skills, the arts, exercise, and daily-living skills.

All of our Life Enrichment topics are curriculum-based and include senior service options. We offer them in an inviting daytime setting that helps people with disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, or Down syndrome grow, gain self-confidence, and build relationships.

Aspire’s Life Enrichment Service topics include:

Arts, Dance & Music

Be creative with projects that focus on the arts. This includes sound, movement, performance, and visual arts.

Community Involvement & Volunteering

Connect with people in the local community by volunteering or joining a club.

Computers & Interactive Media

Learn how computers can be a fun and educational tool. Explore the internet, playing games and meeting virtually.

Daily Living Management

Practice everyday skills. These range from doing the laundry and cooking to shopping and managing money.

Exercise & Fitness

Discover different ways to be strong, flexible, and balanced. Our focus here is both physical and mental.


Grow plants for relaxation, care for other living things, and try new foods.

Sensory Activities

Engage the senses using sound, texture, and light. This includes listening to music, massage, and aromatherapy.

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