Totally transparent.

Aspire is a little different because we’re a non-profit that runs like a business. We raise money to deliver disability services. Sell products to turn up disability acceptance. Empower people to practice inclusion for all.

We know where our funding comes from is incredibly important to you and to how we continue moving our mission forward. It takes a mix of gifts and social enterprise ventures to generate the revenue that keeps our operation firing on all cylinders.

A snapshot of our financials

Fiscally, 2023 was an excellent year for Aspire and there’s a lot to highlight. At the top of that list is bringing additional opportunities to those with developmental disabilities. Here’s a look at how we secured and distributed the funds that did so much good.

Total Revenue


Total Expenses


2023 Net Assets


2022 Net Assets


Ratcheting up our
revenue diversity.

Upping the efficiency.

Allocation of Program Expenses

$8,797,545, 68.4%

$2,236,975, 17.4%

$1,658,387, 12.9%

Aspire CoffeeWorks & Social Enterprises
$173,657, 1.3%

Income from every angle.


Public Funding


Private Pay

Social Enterprises & Investment Return

Always mindful of expenses.

Total Operating Expenses


Management & General


So what does it all mean?

143 people with disabilities got and kept their jobs

100 employers partnered with us to build more inclusive workplaces

177 people with disabilities lived a more independent life in a safe and happy home

165 adults with disabilities were connected to health-related support

150 adults with disabilities wishing to live in Chicagoland have a place to call home

2M+ people heard about our mission of boundless inclusivity nationwide through outreach, public relations, and Aspire’s podcast, Amplify Inclusion

Help build a brighter future for all.

You’ve seen our finances, so you know that we still depend on donations to keep this inclusivity engine running. If you’d like to make a contribution, we’d love to put it to good use.

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