Employing People with Disabilities & Autism

Partner with the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Career Academy and you’ll embark on a powerful and rewarding experience. The Academy represents an entirely new approach to job training and workforce fulfillment, and our goal is to satisfy your expectations. That means we’ll want to clearly understand your needs and requirements and only after extensive training will we present candidates who we believe are the right person for the job.

Like other companies that partner with us, you’ll find that diversity and inclusion policies are not a hindrance. In fact, they’re correlated with high performance. Studies have repeatedly shown that hiring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities has a positive impact on the workforce. Add diversity and inclusion to your workforce and expect:

  • highly motivated and capable people
  • better workforce morale
  • unique experiences and perspectives
  • a culture that appeals to the talent pool you want to attract
  • enhanced brand image
  • lower turnover
  • improved productivity
  • access to new markets by turning social issues into business opportunities

Contact us today for more information and discover how working with the Academy is good for business.