Community Homes

Aspire’s many Community Homes in the western suburbs of Chicago provide a comfortable, friendly and family environment for adults with disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. It’s perfect for men and women age 21 and older who would like to live with others while receiving ongoing support in many areas of daily living.

Homes are immaculately maintained and range from having two to eight residents, with most having their own bedroom. Living arrangements are determined by many factors, such as an individual’s level of social activity, independent living capabilities and home capacity.

cookingParticipants develop a plan with an Aspire Life Consultant to move them towards greater independence, while improving their quality of life. Part of that independence is taking part in all aspects of running a home, such as cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. Dinnertime is a special time in the house when everyone prepares the meal they planned, sits together and catches up on the day’s events. Additionally, weekly outings with a friend, group or independently is encouraged.

Our residential community homes, located in neighborhoods throughout Chicago’s western suburbs, are designed to be more long-term living arrangements. With that in mind, a sense of family is developed in each home and a sense of community in each neighborhood.

To learn more about Aspire Living or group living programs for adults with disabilities, please fill out the form to the right. To get immediate assistance, call 708.547.3560.