Popular Pays Volunteer Day

(December 7, 2018) – Aspire recently had the pleasure of hosting a volunteer group from digital marketing agency Popular Pays.

The group engaged with Career Academy participants, assisting them in the Academy’s various training pods with things like computer, cooking, and interpersonal skills! Everyone had an inclusive, immersive, impactful experience.

In the words of one Popular Pays team member, “We can’t express how valuable it was for our Popular Pays team to take a step back from our normal workday and experience a day at Aspire. We were really impressed with your facility, all of the staff, and the incredible students. They were all so gracious and loving. We’re going to do some further reflection as a team and see where we may be able to help out more in the future.”

Thanks, Popular Pays, for all that you do to embrace and further our mission of inclusion! Together with partners like you, we’re better.

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