Aspire Launches Together We’re Better Social Media Campaign

Campaign showcases success stories of Aspire participants to introduce new followers to Aspire’s mission of inclusion


(March 2018) – Throughout the month of March, Aspire lead a unique “Together We’re Better”-themed social media campaign across its Facebook and Instagram channels. The campaign, which launched its first post March 5 and ran through March 30, showcased various success stories of Aspire participants spanning all four of our enterprises: Aspire Kids, Aspire Living, Aspire Careers, and Aspire CoffeeWorks. The campaign encouraged our followers to share these stories with their personal social media networks in order to spread our unique mission of inclusion to new people who may be unfamiliar with Aspire.

Utilizing the hashtag #TogetherWereBetter, we spread shining success stories ranging from that of Carl, who is now navigating his high school classes with confidence thanks to his Aspire Kids team, to Bridget, who is now employed full-time at Metropolis Coffee Company thanks to her Aspire CoffeeWorks, Careers and Living teams, to Jesus, who is now reaching new developmental milestones thanks to his Aspire Kids team.

Don’t let the momentum for our mission stop here! We want to continue to hear how our supporters are taking a “Together We’re Better” approach to build more inclusive communities where people of all abilities live, learn, and grow together. Continue using the hashtag #TogetherWereBetter and sharing stories of what Aspire’s mission means to you!


For more information, follow Aspire on Facebook at @AspireChicago and on Instagram at @Aspire_Chi.

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