Activate the awesomeness of your community.

High school student Arjun asked for donations to Aspire for his Dastar Bandhi ceremony because he believes it’s important for people to recognize the similarities between all people.

Let’s show the world what together really means! This is one of our big rally cries for boundless inclusivity at Aspire. It’s also a great way to capture the potential influence you can have by organizing a fundraiser for Aspire.

Fundraising is an easy and incredibly powerful way for you to spread the word about the importance of inclusivity. It’s also a great way to rally your community to support people with disabilities. After all, nothing says inclusivity like people coming together in support of a phenomenal mission.

You can do some awesome things to raise money for inclusivity:

  • Celebrate your birthday
  • Host a yoga, spin, or workout class
  • Run a marathon or walk across the state
  • Make a music video
  • Put on a concert
  • Throw a party

Get your fundraiser going.

In just a couple steps, you can turn your fundraising idea into an active campaign for inclusivity. Here’s how:

  1. Set up your campaign: Set up your fundraising page with our peer-to-peer platform partner and keep us posted when it’s ready to go live.
  2. Spread the word: Share the link to your fundraising page with your social network, your local community, and businesses to let everyone know your fundraiser is happening.
  3. See your impact: Keep tabs on your campaign to see how people who share your passion help to meet your goal.

Get inspired.

  • Elizabeth asked for donations to Aspire instead of birthday gifts and raised $1,140.
  • Steve ran his first marathon ever in support of Aspire and raised $3,200.
  • Meg asked family and friends to donate to her page on #GivingTuesday and raised $10,070.
  • Thirty-two members of our Associate Board hosted a Perspire for Aspire spin class event where they raised $30,000.

Looking for other ways to donate?

Donate Monthly

Become a monthly donor and play an ongoing role in spreading boundless inclusivity.

Sponsor a Project

Make an investment to help fund a special project focused on life or career skills.

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