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I love my new job

Meet Grace! A charismatic adult that works for Canteen inside Bank of America Chicago. Grace works a full time job and is known for her funny personality and amazing work ethic!

At Aspire, #GivingTuesday holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a day dedicated to giving back and making a positive change – when the world comes together to make a difference. 

We hope your #GivingTuesday is celebrated by making a gift to transform the lives of people with disabilities. We have ambitious goals to raise $160,000 and share our mission of boundless inclusivity with hundreds of new people.

All gifts made on #GivingTuesday will be multiplied through a matching contribution from one of Aspire’s generous donors. 

Support Aspire this #GivingTuesday to ensure a life of happiness, belonging, and independence for people with disabilities. With you by our side, we can build a community that recognizes and cultivates the contributions of all its members.

We look forward to seeing the change we can create together this #GivingTuesday.

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#GivingTuesday Ambassadors

We are excited to introduce you to our inspiring #GivingTuesday Ambassadors! The impact of your support is visible in their stories. Through Chris, Rhondia, and Karen’s eyes, you can experience how your generosity empowers people with disabilities to explore new possibilities in living, learning, and working.


Chris’ laugh can light up the room, and he loves to make others smile.

He spends his days at our Academy in Waukegan and returns home to his best friends and housemates in the evenings.

Through Aspire’s Life Enrichment programs, Chris has found a new passion for giving back to his community. He looks forward to volunteering at Meals on Wheels and Bernie’s Books.

When Chris isn’t spending time with his housemates, you can find him at a fish fry or dancing at a summer concert with his dad.


If you visit Rhondia at her Aspire Community Home, you will likely be greeted with a hearty smile and Michael Jackson playing in the background.

At our Academy in Hillside, Rhondia loves to learn new skills. She is currently working on improving her ability to use her tablet to look up and learn more new things independently.

Family is essential to Rhondia and Aspire has become her family. We celebrate her accomplishments as if they were our own.


Karen is an eager learner.

Her interest in mastering skills has led her to find employment. She takes great pride in earning money and hopes that one day, this will lead her to live independently in her own apartment.

Karen enjoys returning home after work or a day at our Academy located in Hillside to explore her new interest in cooking. She has even cooked a few meals for her roommates.

Support from you can make successes like these possible.

Your commitment today will allow even more individuals with disabilities to live happily with their best friends like Chris, find belonging in a community that celebrates them like Rhondia, and build more independent lives like Karen. 

At Aspire, we work alongside people with disabilities to open doors and amplify possibilities. Our programs and partnerships help empower people, rethink accessibility, and reshape our communities.

We look forward to seeing the change we can create together this #GivingTuesday.

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