You’re Invited: Aspire’s Got Talent on 9/23/16

“Aspire’s Got Talent” is much more than just a talent show! In fact, every aspect of the show has been designed to mimic the steps it takes to find a job in the community. The goal of this talent show is to provide adults with disabilities at Aspire Careers with valuable career knowledge and self-confidence while having fun. There are two distinct parts of our talent show:

1. The Production Team
2. The Acts

Selecting the Production Team

Aspire Careers created production positions and presented them to adults with disabilities at Aspire as a Job Search learning opportunity. The positions included Talent Scout, Talent Manager, Marketing, Wardrobe, Emcee, Roadie and Usher. Job descriptions, as well as job qualifications, were presented to participants, who then created resumes depending on their interests and experience. This was a great opportunity for participants to learn what a resume is, the parts of a resume and how it is utilized in the hiring process. We then held mock interviews with the candidates asking them appropriate questions and coaching them in the process, which was good practice for future interviews they may have for a job or volunteer position in the community. Next we hired our team and all did the hard work of putting on a Talent Show!

Finding the Talent & Acts

After the Talent Scouts and Talent Managers were hired, they hosted auditions for participants who were not on the production team and were interested in performing in “Aspire’s Got Talent”. Auditions were held and based on talent and willingness to work hard towards a goal, such as learning new song lyrics, the acts were chosen. The willingness to focus and work hard on achieving a goal is a valuable lesson any employee needs, and the experience of being in the talent show teaches that.

Date: Friday, Sept. 23
Location: Aspire Careers (4110 Litt Drive, Hillside, IL)
Time: 9:30-11:30 am & 1-3 pm 
(two shows)

Please RSVP

Please RSVP by Monday, Sept. 19 to Margie Chaloupka at Please indicate which performance you plan to attend. 

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We hope you can come to one of the two shows to see our hard work come to life!

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