Aspire Announces Partnership with Medix

(March 8, 2018) – Meet our newest corporate partner Medix, a major healthcare, scientific and IT staffing agency. On March 8, more than 200 Medix employees from across the country came out to Aspire Career Academy for team building activities that gave them a whole new perspective on people with disabilities in the workplace.

We shared amazing success stories of kids and adults with disabilities that had the Medix team opening their hearts. We lead activities that showed Medix employees first-hand the challenges people with disabilities face and how to overcome those challenges to create a diverse workforce.

But the best part on the evening might have been Sonja, an Aspire participant and now a Medix employee, whose speech moved her coworkers to tears.

Now Medix is sharing our message of inclusion all across the country! Aspire could not be more proud or honored to be partner with them to create more inclusive workplaces for people of all abilities.

For more photos from our partnership kickoff, visit our Facebook album!

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